Saturday, July 30, 2011

Get Rich, Get Paid, Or Go Broke!

The World Is Comprised Of Three Types Of People

Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that wonder what the heck just happened.   Which are you?

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If you think that you are an innovative and creative person, then chance are that you are a person that makes things happen.  If you believe that you have what it takes to create and develop you own app and get paid for it, then this is for you.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity!  Kids are doing it and building wealth.  College is paid for if those choose to go.  Creating apps for apple can be easily if you have a little bit of an imagination.  If you done want to be left on the side lines trying to figure out what happened, now is your time to act on this incredible opportunity before it's to late.

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Never before has it been so easy to jump into the technology arena and get paid for your ideas and actually bring them to life yourself.  You would normally have be a scientist or hold some major degree in engineering.  But now thanks to technology you can be a genius by harnessing the  power of technology. 

The choice is yours to stand by and watch or hear about your friends that are in the technology game developing apps and getting paid to do so, while you continue to slave at your nine to five and or your second six to twelve.
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All sorts of people young and old are pushing their creative to the limits to make life a little easier for themselves and others through the development of mobile apps.  It seems that I can not stop bumping into people who tell how apps have changed there life and made it a little easier.  Everything from apps that provide GPS turn by turn navigation, to medical apps that help them to keep track of their medicines and when to take them.    There apps for shopping, music, videos, games, math, reading, writing, organizing, communicating, and the list goes on.  If you are ready to get started, click the link below and get going! 

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Good luck to you, much success, and I hope to see you on the beach relaxing and drinking out of a coconut!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Robot Cars Will Be Coming Sooner Than You Think!

Why not sit back and let the car do the driving for you?

Have you ever wished for a chauffeur after an exhausting work day.

What about a designated driver after a night on the town?

What about picking up the kids for school or practice?

These are just some to issues that your very own robot car maybe able to resolve for you. Google has been developing just such a technology and it appears to be extremely reliable. They have a robot car that has driven over a 140,000 miles own it's own. See it for your self!

Just image a vehicle that does not get distracted or involved in rubber necking which slows traffic flow. Think about how much shorter our commute times could be and the accidents that could be avoided with such technology.

Would this be a vehicle worth it's weight in gold or do you feel that we have a need to be in control? Weigh in and let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

"Singularity" Can We Keep Pace With Technology?


Just what is Singularity? Singularity by definition is :the state, fact, or quality of being singular

However, according to Ray Kurzweil it is somewhat expanded to the idea of merging humans and machines; thereby we are introduced to "Transcendent Man" coming soon to a theater near you in August of 2011.

Ray Kurzweil is an MIT graduate, engineer, award winning scientist, inventor, and he believes that one day humans will be able to live forever.

Raymond "Ray" Kurzweil (pronounced /ˈkɜrzwaɪl/ kurz-wyl; born February 12, 1948) is an American author, inventor and futurist. He is involved in fields such as optical character recognition (OCR), text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition technology, and electronic keyboard instruments. He is the author of several books on health, artificial intelligence (AI), transhumanism, the technological singularity, and futurism. Reference Wikipedia

Ray Kurzweil has several inventions under his belt including but not limited to the flatbed scanner and the text-to-speech synthesizer. He's also credited for the OCR (optical character recognition) technology.

He's authored several books including his most recent Transcendent Man & Singularity Is Near.

His is recognized and has become well known for predicting the future of artificial intelligence and the human race. His first book, The Age of Intelligent Machines, published in 1990, put forth his theories on the results of the increasing use of technology and notably foresaw the explosive growth in the Internet, among other predictions. Later works, 1999's The Age of Spiritual Machines and 2005's The Singularity is Near outlined other theories including the rise of clouds of nano-robots (nanobots) called foglets and the development of Human Body 2.0 and 3.0, whereby nanotechnology is incorporated into many internal organs.

Ray Kurweil believes that technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that in order for us to keep up you will need to enhance your own intelligence by merging with the intelligent technology that we have created.  Sounds something like the Matrix.

While much of his thinking does have some obvious indicators of such we will have to wait and see if he is correct yet again.  To find our more about Ray Kurweil and Transcendent Man visit his website and subscribe for periodical updates.

Friday, May 20, 2011

QR CODES (QR CODE Generator)

A QR Code (it stands for "Quick Response") is a mobile phone readable barcode that's been big in Japan forever, broke into Eurpoe a while back, and is now getting traction in USA.

In it's simplest sense think "print based hypertext link" - simply encode a URL into the QR Code and then point a mobile phone (or other camera-enabled mobile) at it. If the device has had QR Code decoding software installed on it, it will fire up its browser and go straight to that URL.
To find out more about QR Codes and to create your own QR Code visit QR Code Stuff

Thursday, April 28, 2011

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